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【免費生活App】bookmark me-APP點子

Taking life's moments, one bookmark at a time. Capture your last parking spot, sports seat, bacon, beer, last page number or big buck. Capture moments on a scenic route, keep track of fuel prices to get back to the preferred station.

Bookmarks can contain a picture, a GPS location, and audio clip and a text comment.

【免費生活App】bookmark me-APP點子

View bookmark history, if a GPS location is available see the map or satellite picture. If an audio clip was taken, replay it. If a picture was taken, view it.

【免費生活App】bookmark me-APP點子

In map view a blue ellipse will show the bookmark where it was taken, with the size indicating the accuracy at the time. An orange ellipse will show the current location, with the size the accuracy of the current location

【免費生活App】bookmark me-APP點子

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