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broodParts Lite is an extension for your ROM Settings. It includes the main root functions that you will need in every rooted ROM.To function properly, broodParts Lite requires:- Root access (Check the XDA Forum page of your device)- Init.d support (Check out my "Init.d Toggler" app for enabling init.d on your ROM)- Busybox (Download from market and install if not sure)- Custom Kernel (to fully benefit from broodParts Lite you need a custom kernel)The app includes the following features:- Set CPU Governor - Set CPU Min/Max Frequency- Enable/Disable CPU Governor Tweaks (Quad core is supported)- Set I/O Scheduler- Set SDCard Read Cache Size- Enable/Disable I/O Scheduler Tweaks- Clear Ram Cache and view Cache Size/Free MB Sizes- Enable/Disable ADB Notification IconEnjoy! If you encounter any errors please send me a report!Please note: some settings will only change when you have rebooted your phone (due to init.d execution)

【免費工具App】broodParts Lite-APP點子

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