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The best way to check your time calls and all your messages

This App let you have a report for all your calls and sms, make it with the app, for the past week the past mont 2 months ago or if you prefer any date interval, all your sms are stored inside a data base, and the record for your calls as well, the report to see all of this information is generated in the iphone group by contacts in date order and at the end of the report a general report with all the information, this report can be sent by email just tap the @ button in the app, and the will send an email with the report exactly in the same format and an Excel file whit the same report.

【免費工具App】call log-APP點子

In some countries there are options to have free numbers, this app let you mark your favorite numbers like free and yo can see in the report free calls and normal calls

Also include a timer for calls, just put the time for the alarm, this option is included on the free version and is totally free

【免費工具App】call log-APP點子

You most use the app for calls and sms, the app let you call by contact, keypad, favorites and send sms.

people usually pay more each month because they don't know who much time have they talked, or how many massages they have available.

【免費工具App】call log-APP點子

For the free version reports are only for 7 days, enough time to check how useful the report is.

【免費工具App】call log-APP點子

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