dr@gon LLX Theme\Template

【免費個人化App】dr@gon LLX Theme\Template-APP點子

dr@gon is a theme/template for Lightning Launcher eXtreme.

This Theme\Template only work with LLX.

For use ONLY with Lightning Launcher eXtreme v12.0.1 or higher.

The Screenresolution for this Theme/Template is overall 1080x1920 (no Softkeys/no statusbar).

You have to adjust settings and javascript if the Resolution of your Phone is different.

Applications you need:

Lightning Launcher (eXtreme) >= 12.0.1:


Media Utilities >= 0.131


Zooper Widget pro >= 2.58 (not the free version):




Tiny White/Blck Icons

Important Information:

    If you never used one of the listed Applications before or if you are not prepared to show some self-initiative and to learn by yourself, then It’s better to stop here !!

The additional Applications and Widgets you need to use this Theme/Template are NOT included.

The Zooper Files should be installed automaticly.

Additionlal ConfigurationFiles (Tasker\Icons) are here:


【免費個人化App】dr@gon LLX Theme\Template-APP點子


Copy MHW.prj.xml file to following folder on you sdcard

Example: /sdcard/Tasker/projects/

Import the Settings in Tasker (press Home-Icon > Import)

Or do it by yourself Variables needed in Zooper: TMAIL (i use Blue Mail or other mail), TWA (Whatsapp), THO (Hangouts)

(Start all Tasks once manual and allow Tasker the Systemstuff it’s asking for)

If you use another MAILAPP change the corresponding Taskerstuff.

If you don't use/need TMAIL for Zooper you have to change the ZooperWidgets and delete the Taskerstuff you don't need!

    Media Utilities Settings:

Check Zooper / Check Make Coverart Available / Coverart Size 400 / Coverart Shape RCircle / Check Send Song Progress

Lockscreen is activated by default.

You need JavaScript enabled within LLX

Have Fun

QHD-Users have to adjust/customize the Zooper-Widgets dragon_main and dragon_notifications.

Visit and/or Join the Google+Community

【免費個人化App】dr@gon LLX Theme\Template-APP點子


免費玩dr@gon LLX Theme\Template APP玩免費

免費玩dr@gon LLX Theme\Template App

dr@gon LLX Theme\Template APP LOGO

dr@gon LLX Theme\Template LOGO-APP點子

dr@gon LLX Theme\Template APP QRCode

dr@gon LLX Theme\Template QRCode-APP點子
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