eLiquid Recipe Manager Lite

【免費生活App】eLiquid Recipe Manager Lite-APP點子

The eLiquid Recipe Manager allows e-cigarette users to formulate and view recipes to create their own eLiquid mixes for use in their e-cigarette devices.

Create/Edit/Delete individual ingredients (Nicotine/Flavors/Fillers)

Create/Edit/Delete complete eLiquid recipes

Built-in Help/FAQ assists in using the application and mixing your own eLiquid for the first time

Supports PG/VG blends in both Nicotine bases and predefined fillers

Set Drops Per ML setting globally or per each individual ingredient

Vaping Information/Media site links

【免費生活App】eLiquid Recipe Manager Lite-APP點子

Featured Suppliers section

Cost calculation (Pro version only)

Send recipe to email recipient/copy recipe to clipboard (Pro version only)

Voltage/Wattage/Amperage Calculator for Variable Voltage/Wattage and sub-ohm mechanical mod users (Pro version only)

Ad Free (Pro version only)

The recipe engine has two modes: Ratio and Premixed Filler. Some users just want to make a recipe that's a ratio of PG and VG (80/20, 50/50, etc), for that you just have to set the preferred ratio without adding any filler ingredients to the recipe. It supports 100% PG to 100% VG for the ratio. The engine will calculate your results based on the desired ratio. Other users create a premixed filler blend or just use straight PG or VG, the recipe engine allows you to add one filler ingredient and utilize it as the primary filler for the recipe. These were the two most common scenarios asked for by users of the app.

Coming Soon:

Import/Export recipe data to Google Drive (Pro version only)

Add amperage and anticipated battery life calculators (Pro version only)

【免費生活App】eLiquid Recipe Manager Lite-APP點子

Much, much more....

If you have any questions about how the application works that the Help/FAQ section does not address, feel free to email me at support@composed-chaos.com or on Twitter (@ComposedChaos) prior to leaving a bad review, as some of the reviews lately have been misinformed. I don't mind a bad review if it's warranted (in those cases, I've earned those bad reviews), but if you just aren't finding what you think the app is supposed to do, ask me first before tarnishing my reputation, please.

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