eMembership Card

【免費生活App】eMembership Card-APP點子

Stop carrying your store/Club membership cards, This app converts your plastic membership card into emembership card as long as it has barcode number. It can convert number into either Barcode or QR code.

【免費生活App】eMembership Card-APP點子

eMembership card connects consumers to business electronically. User can reduce the number of plastic or paper store or club membership cards that you carry and business can obtain the most current demographic of a user. This eMembership card is a way of greener lifestyle.

【免費生活App】eMembership Card-APP點子

Idea behind eMembership :

【免費生活App】eMembership Card-APP點子

How does Business benefit: In today’s consumer targeted market almost all business are looking to keep their consumer database up to date. One feature of this app allows consumer to update their personal information instantaneously without a hassle of calling an 800 number or going to a website to update their information.

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