***BBC Top Ten Apps of the Year 2011***


***Finalist, Mobile Premier Award 2012***


"…remarkably impressive" Telegraph

echoecho helps you FIND YOUR FRIENDS, in seconds.


In just one click, you can see where your friends are. Or tell them where you are. For free.

Simply tap anyone in your address book to say "Where are you?"

When they accept, echoecho shows you a map of where you both are. You can even share your location in real time for however long you decide. If friends are nearby, the Meeting Places function can help you suggest a bar, coffee shop or restaurant to meet up or pinpoint a spot of your own. And the fast in-app chat helps you make plans or find out what your friends are up to.

There are no social networks to join, and no profiles to create. It’s easy to use and you always stay in control of your what you share. No one ever sees where you are unless you allow them and you can’t track other people without their knowledge.

Whether you’re going out, shopping, heading for a meeting or just can’t find your friends on a busy street, echoecho means everyone’s now just a click away. We're available on all smartphones worldwide.

(Registration may incur a one-time wireless carrier charge for a local SMS message.)

Note that you can now use echoecho in any Pioneer AppRadio unit - bringing you the fastest possible way to find/meet with your friends - even when you're driving.


Chatting - while driving - is of course not recommended ;)


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