feetDaPop: stylize images

【免費攝影App】feetDaPop: stylize images-APP點子

feetDaPop is a real-time image processing framework that automatically creates stylized images from pictures and photographs.

A collection of user-friendly and intuitive effects is proposed: from Pop Art effects (like Andy Warhol) to Vintage / Sepia / Black & White effects through contour enhancement and canvas generation.

【免費攝影App】feetDaPop: stylize images-APP點子

feetDaPop provides its own camera features, a complete image file explorer including image manipulation tools like zoom, crop, printing format and multi-image composition.

Main feetDaPop's features are:

- many Pop Art (Andy Warhol), Retro / Vintage, Black & White (Bichromie)... intuitive stylizations

【免費攝影App】feetDaPop: stylize images-APP點子

- image file explorer in grid and full-screen image mode

- real-time high-resolution zoom, crop and effect preview

【免費攝影App】feetDaPop: stylize images-APP點子

- intuitive stylization options

- harmonious color ranges

【免費攝影App】feetDaPop: stylize images-APP點子

- apply canvas, contour enhancement or solarization

- ability to highlight interesting parts of the photograph for a full result customization (export is available only in full version)

【免費攝影App】feetDaPop: stylize images-APP點子

- cropping the image according to standard printing format (export is available only in full version)

- composing a 4-photographs plate (full version only)

【免費攝影App】feetDaPop: stylize images-APP點子

- import all your photographs and pictures (all resolutions are supported)

- share (facebook, twitter, instagram, mms, emails, ...), save and export your photographs and your artistic productions

【免費攝影App】feetDaPop: stylize images-APP點子

- available in English, French, German and Spanish

- take pictures at the best with focus, flash and camera’s resolution control and store location

feetDaPop is a standalone program, no Internet connection is required to process pictures.

Your photographs and pictures remain your property and are not stored in any server.

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