ftSee - stride camera

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A companion application to the ftNote stride monitor application, the ftSee stride camera application captures video of a runner's stride from a stationary camera stand (e.g., slingshot) and captures a small amount of sensor data to define the orientation of the camera.

A stride analysis application already merges and synchronizes sensor data captured by multiple instances (e.g., on each shin) of the ftNote stride monitor application. If there is enough interest in the stride analysis application, it will be expanded to merge and synchronize with the video captured by ftSee ... perhaps overlaying the video with analysis results.

Concerning the application's permissions, the permission for Internet access is for a planned option to upload the video and sensor data to your Google Drive account similar to the upload option currently offered in the ftNote stride monitor application.

【免費健康App】ftSee - stride camera-APP點子

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