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【免費生活App】grabit - Publika-APP點子

== Now available in Publika ==

Download Grabit today to start finding exclusive local deals just footsteps away!

【免費生活App】grabit - Publika-APP點子

In today’s world we are constantly offered different deals. However, the majority of the deals either don’t interest you, are far away or have crazy restrictions. Grabit provides great deals that are tailored to your interests and are always located right around the corner from your current location. No strings attached!

【免費生活App】grabit - Publika-APP點子

Here’s How Grabit Works:

【免費生活App】grabit - Publika-APP點子

1. Download the Grabit app for free

【免費生活App】grabit - Publika-APP點子

2. Take a minute to create your profile and tell us the type of deals you would like to receive

【免費生活App】grabit - Publika-APP點子

3. As you go about your day, you will be notified of exclusive deals that are just footsteps away

4. See a deal you like? Simply buy it through your mobile phone with a couple clicks and then instantly redeem it within seconds at the nearby business

Grabit offers all types of deals from 50% off your favorite restaurant to saving over 50% at your favorite shop at the local mall. Let Grabit work hard for you to discover the best deals around and help you get the most out of your money! Love Publika? You will love Grabit!

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免費玩grabit - Publika App

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