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Green Tomato is Paris’ newest sedan car service – promising a Love at First Ride TM experience whether you are traveling for business or pleasure.

- Register to book with your priority account or as a credit card/cash customer.

- Make advance bookings and receive automated email and/or text notifications when you book your ride, when your car is on the way and when it arrives; even get notified when another passenger is dropped off, just in case you’re looking out for someone else.

- See your car on the map and track it in real time as your ambassador drives to pick you up – receive a text with your car’s description and license plate as well as your ambassador’s name and mobile number.

- Simple booking options include repeat and return reservations. Multiple reservations can be pending at the same time: book your service to and from the airport, office or an evening out on the town.

- Know the cost of your ride before you confirm the reservation – No surprises! No surge-prices!

- Add favorite pickup and destination locations for easy future bookings. Add notes so your ambassador knows about tricky addresses or specific requirements. And include extra pick-up and drop-off stops as necessary.

- Make the most of our free on-board wifi while one of our professional, fully-licensed and fully-insured ambassadors drives you on your way in eco-luxury.

- Automatically receive our lowest rates (may not apply to telephone bookings).

Black Cars, Going Green. Visit for more information.

【免費交通運輸App】greentomatocars Paris-APP點子

Also available in London, England since 2006

In this new version you can now:

【免費交通運輸App】greentomatocars Paris-APP點子

- Book faster by using your recent addresses

【免費交通運輸App】greentomatocars Paris-APP點子

- Register more easily if you have a business account

- Ask it to make you a cup of tea, and watch in amazement as… nothing happens.​

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