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Develop your speed and muscle memory with this guitar lick training app. 50 Killer licks designed to develop commonly used fret-board shapes. Use LickTrainer50 to build speed, dexterity, muscle memory and you'll soon be burning around the fret-board!

As well as 50 killer licks (fully tabbed with sound samples played both slow and fast), LickTrainer50 comes with an integrated click, perfect for any structured practise routine.

Suitable for all abilities, beginners will find easy shapes, more advanced players will find useful elongated runs and fresh ideas for dull practise routines. Whatever ability you'll soon be burning around the fret-board!

This app will help to develop:

alternate picking

legato (hammer on, pull offs, slides)

【免費音樂App】guitar licks LickTrainer50-APP點子

hand synchronisation

Muscle memory

Pentatonic runs

Diatonic patterns

Harmonic minor patterns

Please report any bugs/mistakes to

Please visit for app instructions and further info.

Play fast, play loud, have fun!!!

The lick trainer team.

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