hCard Discounts

【免費購物App】hCard Discounts-APP點子

Important - We’re launching nationwide, starting in North Carolina and Virginia.

“Show and Save Everyday Coupons” are dated till December 31, 2015!

With your support and download, The hCard Program is able to offer the 100% FREE Fundraising Program to schools, nonprofits and religious organizations during their initial fundraiser!

Download today for only $19.95 and receive immediate discounts and special offers with The hCard until December 31, 2015. Save hundreds! It’s easy. Simply Show and Save!

【免費購物App】hCard Discounts-APP點子

Save with valuable offers on automotive care, restaurants, prescriptions, travel, entertainment and much, much more. In the process, you’ll also help support community-minded businesses! Make a difference locally while you save!

To view savings on our online hCard Directory, go to www.thehcard.com. Browse our thousands of selections and exclusive discounts. Support our businesses locally and nationwide.

The hCard Program recognizes the outstanding contributions our volunteers make to our communities across America and we often give free Volunteer hCards when launching in local communities! The hCard Program is all about “Funding the Heart of America!”

Please share this wonderful program with friends and family. Encourage them to download, support local businesses and “Go Mobile” today!

If your organization needs to raise funds, simply apply at www.thehcard.com

【免費購物App】hCard Discounts-APP點子

【免費購物App】hCard Discounts-APP點子

【免費購物App】hCard Discounts-APP點子

【免費購物App】hCard Discounts-APP點子

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