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【免費生活App】horoscope JIKU for Androidfree-APP點子

Anytime and Anywhere.Cool and Stylish.Cast a horoscope.

It's new style of astrology because it is the android.

The App make a real horoscope that the professional also satisfies.

Beautiful and emotional horoscopes stimulates your sense.

The screen size of 'horoscope JIKU for Android' is a smartphone size.

It's iPad if you want a size of the tablet.

■ Welcome to 'horoscope JIKU for android'

【免費生活App】horoscope JIKU for Androidfree-APP點子

I'd like to cast a horoscope anytime and anywhere

Let's go out around the world with a horoscope.

We proposes the new style that can be done because it is the tablet.

'horoscope JIKU for android' is always with astrologer.

■ 'horoscope JIKU for android' is supported in the world

【免費生活App】horoscope JIKU for Androidfree-APP點子

'horoscope JIKU for android' is used around the world

'horoscope JIKU for android' is supported in English and Japanese.

■ The horoscope of 'horoscope JIKU for android' stimulates the sensibility

The App free you from troublesome task that makes the horoscope.

You can concentrate on feeling from the horoscope.

The horoscope draw the fact at that time.The most important thing for the horoscope is how to tell the user the moment.

The horoscope drawn by 'horoscope JIKU for android' stimulates the sensibility of a user by a beautiful interface. Your rich sensibility makes various stories from a beautiful horoscope.

■ Reliability of 'horoscope JIKU for android'

【免費生活App】horoscope JIKU for Androidfree-APP點子

An important positional calculation of planets for a horoscope is highly accurate data that can meet professional demand. This high accuracy supports the reliability of astrology by the horoscope.

'horoscope JIKU for iPhone' meets professional demand and fresh person's demand.'horoscope JIKU for android' aims at the App that satisfy all people's wants.

■horoscope JIKU for Android free

A free version makes the horoscope by 5 sensitive points of the sun and the moon and planets.

■ Kind interface


Sensitive points is drawn on a horoscope and interplanetary aspects is showed with table format.


【免費生活App】horoscope JIKU for Androidfree-APP點子

Planets is classified each by 2(Duality), 3(Quality), and 4(Element).

(3)Sensitive Point

The position of sensitive points show by a constellation and the inner angle of the constellation.


The House from 1 to 12 show by the position of the constellation.

The House System could be chosen the Placidian House,the Koch House,the Campanus House,the Regiomontanus House,the Topocentric House,the Alcabitius House,the Krusinski-Pisa House,the Porphyry House,the Equal House,the Solar House,the WholeSign House,the SolarSign House,the Vehlow Equal House, the Horizon House, the Meridian House, and the Morinus House.

【免費生活App】horoscope JIKU for Androidfree-APP點子

If you don't input time, the App set time at 12:00 and draws the horoscope.

(5)Customer Book

The Customer BOOK can manage the information of your dearest people.

Information on the person who made the horoscope is automatically recorded in the Customer BOOK.

The horoscope can be easily made by quoting it from the Customer BOOK.

The input of the date is 3 method for people around the world.

【免費生活App】horoscope JIKU for Androidfree-APP點子

The input of the place is 2 method: MAP and GEO DB.By them, you can easily get more highly accurate position around the world.

It supports the timezone and Daylight Saving Time(Summertime).

The horoscope is drawn 2 mode:Sign Mode and Space Mode.Their 2 mode stimulates your imagination.

■ 21 sensitive points

The App becomes a horoscope of 21 sensitive points: 15 sensitive points by planets and asteroids in the solar system and 6 sensitive points by DH, DT, MC, IC, ASC, and DSC.

■I want to be useful for astrologer. 'horoscope JIKU' started from hope of Rene Van Dale Supernatural Institute and Interbars corp.

【免費生活App】horoscope JIKU for Androidfree-APP點子

'horoscope JIKU' will keep evolving.

The horoscope is called Birth Chart,Natal Chart,Astro Chart,Astrological Chart,Wheel Chart,Chart Wheel,Celestial Map,Sky Map,Star Chart,Cosmogram,Vitasphere,Radical Chart,Radix,or simply Chart.

'horoscope JIKU' supports astrologers around the world.

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