hungry rabbit run

【免費冒險App】hungry rabbit run-APP點子

Meet Cute little rabbit. He is a friendly little fellow, famous for his great love of fresh carrots, apples and Lettuce!

Cute rabbit is feeling really hungry, just when he started to feel hungry, fortune smiled on him!

Join Hungry rabbit on his amazing adventure and help him collect all nourishment specially the carrots! Test yourself on adventure's story!

Touch Gas to make him speed better, avoid dangerous animals!

How to play : after choosing character :

> pull the rabbit!

> orient your phone right and left for changing direction of the rabbit!

> eat carrot, apple, and lettuce!

> Avoid Owl, Bear, Mongoose and others animals!

【免費冒險App】hungry rabbit run-APP點子

> touch Gas for get more speed!


√ Addictive game play

√ Rich graphics

√ Simple control

√ Easy to learn and play

√ Multiple characters

√ Available on your android phone

Enjoy the Game, Be Happy & simply have fun!

【免費冒險App】hungry rabbit run-APP點子

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