Introducing the app that makes travelling through Singapore Changi Airport a breeze. From flight times, departure gates, real-time updates and even shopping and dining information - it's all here.

At a glance:

• Enter your flight information once, save it and the app will push live updates to your home screen automatically.


• Receiving your loved ones at Changi? Tap in their flight details and be informed of up-to-date arrival information.

• Browse Changi's shopping, dining and services guide.

• Be informed of the latest events and promotions at Changi.


• Access airport information (transportation, transfers, hotlines etc.) at your finger tips.

Hints & Tips:

- iChangi (for Android) requires a background service to handle notifications. This service called "Push service" can be safely terminated if you are not tracking any flight.


-This application needs to be installed in the internal storage in order for push notifications like flight alerts to be sent to you.


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