iChing: Classic Book of Changes

【免費生活App】iChing: Classic Book of Changes-APP點子

The most complete implementation of the iChing available on iPhone: a work of love and great patience. The ancient text explains the universe, your faith and fortune can be read by the iChing...

• Chinese fortune telling of Yin & Yang with the well-known 3 coin divination method. You can trow yourself and use the Trigam based lookup tables and the numbered index to all 64 Hexagram texts with moving lines.

【免費生活App】iChing: Classic Book of Changes-APP點子

• Alternatively you can do it all on the iPhone with a statistically sound simulation: the 3 velocity sensors seed the random generators, similar to casting real coins. This saves a lot of work as the app automatically shows the Primary, Secondary and core hexagram implied by the divination. And only the relevant moving lines are shown.

【免費生活App】iChing: Classic Book of Changes-APP點子

Several improvements to the casting method and the display of the results were suggested by some users. It is is now possible to see the coins of the 6th cast, so I added the 'Explain' button to jump to the results. The hexagrams are now in line with the way most people use the iChing: the unchanged hexagram, the moving lines and the secondary hexagram, as well as the core hexagram are now shown on a single page. You can now mail that page to yourself if you would like to keep records of your castings.

Checkout "More Applications by Bas Meijer" in the AppStore, some fun ones are free, some serious ones are on a discount now. And I am working on a great one right now...

【免費生活App】iChing: Classic Book of Changes-APP點子

More information is available on my website www.litebeam.net

【免費生活App】iChing: Classic Book of Changes-APP點子

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