iDubber Lite - Dubstep Drums

【免費音樂App】iDubber Lite - Dubstep Drums-APP點子

The sound of Dubstep has arrived for your Android Device!

iDubber gives you over 45*(Lite version 9 sounds) individual sounds, as well as more than 34**(Lite version 9 Loops) drum loops!

These can be played in however you like!

Create combinations of sounds and loops to use, play drum sounds live on your Android device!

The possibilities are endless!

FX - Whizzes, Whirs & Synth Sounds

BD - Bass Drum

Crash - Crash Symbol

Hat - Hi Hats

C-Bell - Cowbell

Enjoy, and remember to tell your friends using the built in Facebook function and challenge them to match your fantastic beats using iDubber!**

**Please note Lite version is limited to one page of sounds and 9 loops, fully upgradeable to full version via in-app purchase.

【免費音樂App】iDubber Lite - Dubstep Drums-APP點子

【免費音樂App】iDubber Lite - Dubstep Drums-APP點子

【免費音樂App】iDubber Lite - Dubstep Drums-APP點子

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