iFile - File Manager & Document Reader

【免費攝影App】iFile - File Manager & Document Reader-APP點子


iFile is a file manager and virtual USB drive for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. You can easily view many files types such as PDF, Microsoft Office documents and plays multimedia contents.

iFile is like the Windows Explorer on your PC or the Finder on your Mac. You can always have your documents right at your fingertips.

【免費攝影App】iFile - File Manager & Document Reader-APP點子

You can download your files from your computer using iTunes or open documents directly from Email. In addition, iFile connects to a large variety of cloud services, such as Dropbox or GoogleDrive.

Main Features:

-- Create and manage new folders and your personized playlists..

【免費攝影App】iFile - File Manager & Document Reader-APP點子

-- Rename, copy, cut, paste, delete,sort files.

-- Access your files in Dropbox and Google Drive on any device.

-- Quickly download files from Dropbox, Google Drive or other place for offline review.

-- Upload files in batches to Dropbox and Google Drive.

【免費攝影App】iFile - File Manager & Document Reader-APP點子

-- Cancel or resume download/upload at anytime.

-- Support all popular media formats.

-- Play media instantly with build-in player and background playing mode.

-- Transfer files from your PC/Mac using Wi-Fi

【免費攝影App】iFile - File Manager & Document Reader-APP點子

iFile is a universal app.It is simply the best file manager for the iPhone and iPad. Get it now!

【免費攝影App】iFile - File Manager & Document Reader-APP點子

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