*** Supports the low-power-mode of the watch ***

A must-have app for the Sony SmartWatch 2. Whether by bike, car or on foot you have the navigation instructions always with a quick look to your watch to hand :)

This App displays the Google Maps Navigation instructions compactly on the watch. To minimalize the battery consumption it features the low-power-mode of the Watch (Access over the option button from the watch or over the settings from the app). Now a new Vibration Mode is added. If activated the Watch notifies in which direction and when to turn.

First you have to activate the accessibility settings through the settings of the app or manually through the settings of your phone.

Currently the graphical Interface only works with devices set to english or german. So if you want to use the UI with images as shown in the Screenshots you should set your device to one of these languages at least for the time of use, for the full functionality of this app. Otherwise you can see the instructions as text on the watch like shown in the other Screenshots.

If you have special Problems with the app you can write a mail to our support ( Please do that before giving a bad review.

Smart extension for smartwatch 2


Smart extension for smartwatch 2 transportation


Smart Connect extension for SmartWatch 2



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