"IPolitic.it" is the very first app of participatory democracy mobile web 2.0 that connects politicians, candidates and public institutions to their citizens.

Whether you are a politician, a candidate running for office or a public institution, iPolitic.it provides you with a simple, effective and affordable solution, to interact with your constituents and citizens in real time.

Thanks to iPolitic.it is now possible to create a mobile campaign web 2.0 in just a few clicks. There's no need to opt for expensive ad-hoc solution, iPolitic.it allows you to choose from free account solutions to paid account solutions according to what your needs are!

Participatory democracy and open government are at the base of iPolitic.it and we believe that everyone should be able to share it with us.

As a constituent, you will have the opportunity to interact directly with the politicians or candidates of your interest. For example, you can subscribe to their feeds and get updates through geo news and push notifications, make donations through the built in Pay Pal function and much much more…

It doesn't stops there, thanks to the FYI (ForYourInterest) function, you will be able to report any issue taking place in your city, simply by taking a picture of the issue and sending it to your council in form of geo localized messages. For example you can report illegal dumping, vandalism, flyposting, or anything you think is relevant to the community, directly through your smartphone.

Main features:

- Connect with politicians through their QR code (found on the campaign posters, newspapers, TV programs or commercials, etc.).


- Receive geo news (local conferences, conventions, etc.. to meet your representatives)


- Create your list of preferred candidates and get their push notifications (news, polls, etc.).


- Interact with politicians and candidates expressing your opinion (send private messages, participate in opinion polls, etc.).!


- Become active part of the decision making process of your city!

******PLEASE BE AWARE ******

Our service is not a complete list of politicians currently in office at the national, regional, provincial and municipal levels.

Our service is only for candidates, politicians and governments that actually have the ability and desire to interact with their voters and citizens.

Politicians and governments who uses the App "iPolitic.it" are those who have joined our service and understand the importance of communicating with their voters and citizens in a young and innovative way. We continuously enrich the list of politicians and public administrations present in the App and communicate the names of new subscribers through our Facebook and Twitter pages. If you cannot find the candidates you are interested in, invite them to join "iPolitic.it." You can register for free through our website "www.iPolitic.it."

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