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** One of the best financial planner on the Market!

** box upload support is now available in premium version.

iQuick Debt Payoff, is a financial calculator and planner that computes payment schedules for multiple loans utilizing roll-down accelerated payment methods.

Use this powerful and user-friendly loan calculator for setting debt elimination plans to become debt free quickly and save thousands of dollars in interest payment.

It lets you to:

- Figure out the best possible plan to pay off credit cards debt while minimizing overall interest.

- Calculate plan based on "Lowest balance first" (default) or "Highest interest first" methods.

- Know which card is costing you the hightest in interest payments.

- Estimate savings by making additional payment each month and determine roll-down accelerated payment plan for multiple credit cards simultaneously.

- Compute full amortization schedule and see snapshot of a loan, including total balance, interest rate, total interest paid, monthly payment etc.

- Save complete payment schedules on external or internal SD memory.

- Present calculation in USD as well as in other commonly used currencies around the world.

- Compare loans to see which is best. It lets you compare up to 10 loans.

- Email amortization table using SMTP servers (with SSL authentication), such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

- Export and attach amortization table in CSV format.

- Upload Payment schedules (CSV format) to the box account.


【免費財經App】iQuick Debt Payoff-APP點子

1. Box upload support is only available after premium upgrade.

【免費財經App】iQuick Debt Payoff-APP點子

2. For other loan types, such as Mortgage, see our comprehensive iQuick Calculator Pro.

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【免費財經App】iQuick Debt Payoff-APP點子

【免費財經App】iQuick Debt Payoff-APP點子

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