iWalk Boscastle to Tintagel

【免費旅遊App】iWalk Boscastle to Tintagel-APP點子

A (bus-assisted) one-way walk of just over 5 miles along the dramatic coastline of islands and arches from Boscastle to Tintagel, rated as one of the top five walks in Cornwall.

Starting with a bus journey from Tintagel to Boscastle, this walk follows the coast path from Boscastle Harbour over Forrabury Common, past the coastal slate quarries to Trevalga. From here, the route passes a number of offshore islets around Firebeacon Hill, and then descends into Rocky Valley. From here it passes Benoath Cove and Bossiney Haven, and climbs the headland of Willapark, before rounding Barras Nose to reach Tintagel Castle.


- Historic fishing village and harbour at Boscastle

- Panoramic coastal views from the two Willapark headlands

- Spectacular coastline and seabird colonies around Trevalga

- Secluded sandy beaches at Benoath Cove and Bossiney Haven

- Tintagel Castle and the legend of King Arthur

- Sheltered cove of Tintagel Haven in the Vale of Avalon and legendary Merlin's Cave

【免費旅遊App】iWalk Boscastle to Tintagel-APP點子

- Panoramic views over Tintagel Castle and the Tintagel coastline from Barras Nose

- Cream teas and quirky mystic shops in Tintagel

iWalk apps provide a self-guided “SatNav” walk experience, providing detailed directions and factual information based on your current location.


- Tracks your location using the GPS receiver on your phone or tablet, providing real-time information as you follow the walk route.

- Gives you directions based on your current location, with a beep/vibrate notification when there’s a new direction for you to follow.

- Gives you information about points of interest along the walk, again based on your current location.

- Once downloaded onto your phone or tablet, the apps don’t need an internet connection to run.

- Gives you an accurate map of the walk route and surrounding area, showing where you are on it and which way you are facing.

【免費旅遊App】iWalk Boscastle to Tintagel-APP點子

- Warns you if you wander off the walk route.

- Tells you how far you’ve walked and how far you have left to go.

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