iWorkout is an app for the windows phone that allows you create, manage and track your workouts. You can create an unlimited number of weight training workouts and track your

progress using charts. Pictures and descriptions are provided for each exercise along with a customizable timer. iWorkout automatically calculates statistics for each set in your session. You can customize a wide variety of settings such as default sets, default reps, default weight, countdown timer and even the exercise description. Finally, iWorkout takes advantage of the windows phone accent colors to customize the look and feel.

New in Version 1.1


We have listened to your feedback. iWorkout 1.1 adds the most requested features by our users.

1. Added 66 new exercises (including stretching) bringing total close to 200. That's more than any other app in the Windows Phone marketplace


2. Session will now show previous workout set for each exercise

3. You can go into exercise detail when selecting exercises for a workout

4. Session screen now includes a help page for your convenience

5. Rep and Weight Counter now use the numeric keypad making it far easier to input numbers

6. You can now see your notes next to each workout.

Email us at iworkout@codebeyond.com with questions or concerns or suggestions.


Note: If for whatever reason you are having trouble running the app right after the upgrade, shutdown the app and restart it. It should work.


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