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【免費健康App】ipiit, The Food Ambassador-APP點子

ipiit, The Food Ambassador will guide you in the jungle of food products! Check products for allergy triggers, specific ingredients, nutrition facts and much more when grocery shopping - scan the barcode in the store or at home and ipiit will help you decide whether the product fits your dietary needs. Our preferences currently include: Gluten (Celiac), Lactose, Milk, GMO, MSG, Wheat, Corn Syrup (HFCS), Eggs and many more and we are constantly working on adding new ones! Have you got allergies, specific dietary needs, or just eating healthy in mind? ipiit will help you with any of these.

With ipiit, you can:

* Scan bar codes of US food products in the store, at home or at your friends house and get all the relevant information (allergy triggers, nutrition facts, ingredients)

* Create personalized preferences based on your allergies, food needs, health considerations etc.

* Compare products in terms of nutrition, rating etc.

【免費健康App】ipiit, The Food Ambassador-APP點子

* Find better alternative products that fits your profile and make purchasing decisions based on what's important to you

* Rate your food products to help other users

* See ratings from your friends and other food ambassadors

* Contribute your ideas and voice your feedback to help improve ipiit, The Food Ambassador


【免費健康App】ipiit, The Food Ambassador-APP點子

Scan the bar code in your grocery store and you will get all the relevant information right away! Allergy triggers, ingredients, nutrition facts, alternatives that fits your profile, you name it. You can even compare the product you scanned with similar products.


It is you who tells ipiit what you want, don't want or can't eat, be it because of allergies, weight loss or health considerations or just because. We are constantly refining our existing preferences and adding new ones based on your suggestions and requests, common allergies and latest health recommendations! Currently, you can choose from the following diet preferences: Gluten (Celiac), Lactose, Milk, GMO, MSG, Wheat, Corn Syrup (HFCS), Almonds, Artificial Sweetener, Aspartame, ADA, Celery and Cellulose.

We will ask you to create an ipiit account – why? This way you will be able to save your preferences, favorite products and access your information from anywhere. No worries, ipiit will NOT share your email with anyone. Ever.


ipiit goes way beyond counting calories, it strives to help you eat food that is safe and healthy according to YOUR wishes and needs.


As of today, you can scan 280 000+ US products when shopping and our database is rapidly growing. We have 14 dietary preferences and we are testing and developing new ones all the time.


【免費健康App】ipiit, The Food Ambassador-APP點子

It's important to note that ipiit is still in its earliest stages. We are working hard to build a great app adding more preference choices and features to the service. Please feel free to share any joy or pain you experience as you explore ipiit at contact@ipiit.com. You can follow us on twitter (@ipiit) and find us on Facebook for news and updates.

So let’s get you started to become a food ambassador and together continue the journey for better food and information about it!

Welcome to ipiit, The Food Ambassador community – we hope you will enjoy!

The ipiit Team


FYI: ipiit works only with US products at the moment

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【免費健康App】ipiit, The Food Ambassador-APP點子

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