ipiks choufuuka vol.1 Lite

【免費書籍App】ipiks choufuuka vol.1 Lite-APP點子

“ipiks vol.1 choufuuka Lite” is showing 5 pictures of birds selected from the paid for version “choufuuka”.

Other features such as clock & calendar can be used exactly as paid for version.

Summary of ipiks choufuka vol.1 is as follows:-

This digital photo book of birds is created not only for birders but also for all nature lovers of iphone users. Ryukyu Islands are worldwide fame as a treasure house of wild birds. Hirozo Maki who is a leader of wild bird photographer in Japan started to shoot photos there in 1986. In 2007 at long last, he published Photo Collection “Chou Fuu Ka” which consists of 150 photos. This digital photo book presents you 50 quality photos selected from the book with common name and scientific name. You can enjoy these photos(High resolution/1440×960px) with easy to use interface.


1. High-resolution photo

You can see all of photos in 9times bigger area ratio compare with the size of iphone/ipod touch display. You can monitor detail of their feather easily.

【免費書籍App】ipiks choufuuka vol.1 Lite-APP點子

2. Unique viewer facility

In addition to manual mode(Flick right and left), you can try 5 transition effects such as Cross fade, Wipe, Cut, Fall-down and Random.

3. English Version

In order to present quality birds photos by Hirozo Maki to outside Japan, English version is also available for English-speaking world. (Please note “Chou Fuu Ka” quality paperback cannot be purchased outside of Japan.)

【免費書籍App】ipiks choufuuka vol.1 Lite-APP點子

4. Other features

Calendar & Clock display/undisplay with two finger tap. Back ground music on/off.

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