jQueryUI Reference

【免費書籍App】jQueryUI Reference-APP點子

This app provides access to complete jQueryUI reference, and you can get all you need to know about jQueryUI, a curated set of user interface interactions, effects, widgets, and themes built on top of the jQuery JavaScript Library.

This app has the following features:

【免費書籍App】jQueryUI Reference-APP點子

1. You can access to the complete jQueryUI reference from the authoritative jQueryUI web site;

2. This app tailors jQueryUI reference articles to fit the Windows Phone screen, and both text and pictures have nice and neat display;

【免費書籍App】jQueryUI Reference-APP點子

3. You can change the article font size to get the ideal display for you;

4. This app caches visited jQueryUI reference articles, and it isn't required to download them again when you read it next time;

5. You can download a section of articles (one article and its immediate lower level articles) for later offline reading;

【免費書籍App】jQueryUI Reference-APP點子

6. It automatically saves browsing history, and you can easily find the articles you read before;

7. You can navigate jQueryUI reference structure, and locate the articles you want to read;

8. You can also locate articles through topics;

【免費書籍App】jQueryUI Reference-APP點子

9. You can bookmark articles and read them later;

10. You can add articles to to-read list and they will disappear from to-read list once you read them;

11. Of course, you can search jQueryUI reference articles;

【免費書籍App】jQueryUI Reference-APP點子

12. This app shows the latest jQueryUI blog;

13. You can share jQueryUI reference articles with friends through email;

14. You can browse out of this app and open an article in IE;

【免費書籍App】jQueryUI Reference-APP點子

15. You can provide feedback through email, and we love your feedback;

16. You can report problem about a problematic page to us;

【免費書籍App】jQueryUI Reference-APP點子

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