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Legs and back workouts gives seven days daily exercise for you to build a strong foundation for a fit and healthy body. Whether you’re searching for the perfect shape or extra muscle this awesome workout is just for you. In your very own home you can easily adapt this workout to suit your experience level. These no fuss workouts give you the all-round athletic edge to launch your legs to the next level.Legs workouts contains Calf Raise,Free Squats,Leg Curl,Leg Extensions,Leg Press,Lunges,Squats Bar.Start with awesome legs and go anywhere.

Back workout delivers the fitness benefits everyone wants better posture, improved strength and mobility for day to day tasks all without a gym. Making use of highly effective exercises this well thought out set of routines, guides you through each workout with a set of instructions and video guides that you can perform at home.

Legs And Back Exercises Features:

. Calf Raise

. Free Squats

【免費健康App】legs and back workouts-APP點子

. Leg Curl

. Leg Extensions

. Leg Press,Lunges,Squats Bar

. Bent Over Row

. One Arm Row

. Seated Cable Rows

. Seated Rows, Upright Row

. Squat Dumbbells and Wall Knee Bend Squats

【免費健康App】legs and back workouts-APP點子

Follow these easy steps daily and build your muscles.

【免費健康App】legs and back workouts-APP點子

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