iStim is an app created by developers at Live 2 Learn Differently LLC for the purposes of assisting children and adults with autism,with what is known as "stimming". "Stimming" is slang terms used within the autistic community for things that those on the spectrum do to calm themselves down from time to time. Some people make noises, some make movements, some bite nails, some shake there hands a lot or wave there hands a lot. This app is an app that helps in changing the situation from tense or chaotic to calm. The app features, a waterfall environment and the sound of a waterfall, it also features vibrating from time to time, when needed, which can be calming to some with autism. The vibrating can be controlled by "Stim" buttons that we have in the app or simply by shaking the phone when on the "stim" screen. There is an entire screen in the app dedicated to instructions, there are both verbal instructions and audio instructions. App also introduces parents and others to the concept of stimming. Vibration therapy is used at times, for dealing with damaged nerves and the nervous system.



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