matterFall is more fun than other puzzle games, because it's different. Now OpenFeint enabled. Global leaderboards and achievements. Are you the best in the world?

Recommended for fans of Puzzle Blox, Unblock Me, Tetris, Rubik's Cube, Trism, Alchemy, and Bejeweled. A unique twist on typical shapes-on-a-grid games. You can change the gravity and "group" blocks together, making matterFall a fresh strategy-puzzle experience.

matterFall's gel blocks don’t just fall—they slide up, down and sideways. You control them by touching edge magnets to change the board’s gravity.

Glue like-colored blocks into a solid square or rectangle with a drag-and-tap. Then attach even more blocks to make it as big as you can before you explode it.

Don’t try to clear boards fast. Keep each board going as long as you can for a higher score. With your choice of two music tracks, hidden bonuses and colorful graphics, matterFall will light up your brain.

Thanks for playing matterFall. If you like it, tell your friends. Peace.


Level-up system: reach a certain points threshold and the gameboard is refilled with blocks. As you progress, the minimum thresholds get higher and higher. For how long can you control the matterFall? How high can you climb the leaderboard?




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