meU Health Video Messaging

【免費醫療App】meU Health Video Messaging-APP點子

Personalized Video Messaging platform that saves costs while improving the quality of care.

If in healthcare a picture is worth a thousand words, then a meU multimedia message is invaluable.

• HIPAA Compliant

• One Communications Platform ties Practitioners, Patients, Caregivers, Families

• Mass Personalization Engine

• Global Access: Cloud & Mobile (web, iOS, Android)

【免費醫療App】meU Health Video Messaging-APP點子

• All data and messaging is tracked

• Integrates with and sits on top of existing EHRs and databases (new form of visual EHR)

• Easy Fast Adoption

Deployed with leaders in healthcare for:

• Transition Care Management

【免費醫療App】meU Health Video Messaging-APP點子

• Patient Engagement

• Medication Compliance/Adherence

• Discharge

• Disease Management (COPD, CHF, CKD, Diabetes, Dementia, Renal Failure)

【免費醫療App】meU Health Video Messaging-APP點子

• Home Care (Fall Risk, Status)

• PCP – Specialists communication (wound care, urgent care, final wishes)

• ACO coordination/communication

• Patient Education

【免費醫療App】meU Health Video Messaging-APP點子

A meUHealth account with user name and password is required to use the app. Go to

【免費醫療App】meU Health Video Messaging-APP點子

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