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2D action shooter peak [Universal chariot Metal Slug] series second landing Android!

Years evil, Modi Marshal resurrected. Prevent his ambitions, opened a second military coup shady bar!


★ NEOGEO version of the content fully ported! Not only that!

In addition to allowing players to experience the fun of arcade-like [ARCADE MODE], the

This also has the option to play the game at any level [MISSION MODE]!

Players can either enjoy playing favorite levels, can also not good at points in the repeated practice!

★ The new operational role and supporting role debut!

In addition to its predecessor [Universal chariot Metal Slug] PF regular army troops in the debut of the strongest combination of [Mark] and [Ta Erma] In addition, the troops actually joined the two female characters! Former super-agent [miles] and military family was born the eldest [Carly], in order to prevent Modi's ambitions, they resolutely raised his weapon in the hands. In addition, the game will appear and the player will fight together and to provide a captive supply of volunteers and other powerful supporting role!

★ Enjoy new weapons and vehicles the fun of it!

Laser guns, Molotov cocktails and other new weapons and armor chariot fighters and two feet of new vehicle center stage!

Also, I heard someone in the desert witnessed a camel carrying a cannon? (Embarrassing)

★ allow players to easily get started gaming system!

This has also been equipped with a button you can press and hold continuous shooting [automatic bursts] function,

And can be placed on the game screen operation buttons other than [Window Mode]!

Set according to their own preferences and enjoy [Universal chariot Metal Slug] the fun of it!

★ correspond Bluetooth, cooperative play so hot bucket upgrade!!

Not only can a person play! Uses Bluetooth feature allows two players simultaneously play!!

Friends and co-operation, even if it is not good at checkpoints mention!?

★ correspondence "SCORE LOOP" function!

Get [achievement] Metal Slug 2 upgrade their power of it!

At the same time, continue to challenge higher scores. Target? World first!!

【免費角色扮演App】metal slug FREE-APP點子

【免費角色扮演App】metal slug FREE-APP點子

【免費角色扮演App】metal slug FREE-APP點子

【免費角色扮演App】metal slug FREE-APP點子

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