morisu maki -portfolio-

【免費個人化App】morisu maki -portfolio--APP點子

This app is the portfolio of “morisu maki“ contains illustrations of girls

“morisu maki”is working on girls illustration for digital and analog media.

“I am describing little expression and eyes of girls.

It is my pleasure if you are curious about and interested in those girls, and put them in your mind.”(morisu maki)


Illustrations for mobile, artworks, advertising characters for shops, poster characters for websites

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【免費個人化App】morisu maki -portfolio--APP點子


1. Browsing “morisu maki” girls illustrations.

2. Slide shows. (Interval settings included.)

3. Save as wallpaper. (Set for Lock screen or Home screen.)

【免費個人化App】morisu maki -portfolio--APP點子

-Recommendation from slowtime design.

“morisu maki” designs girls or women who are as unattainable as the stars.

I was enthralled, when I saw her illustrations for the first time,

Every girl in her illustrations has unique individuality and they seem strong as never say die.

Their mysterious charm in strength may attract you.

Her illustrations are also fashionable and will be popular among men and women.

Human weakness in strength is also expressed.

I see many illustrations are painted by light colors, but I also want to see her works with vivid colors in future.

【免費個人化App】morisu maki -portfolio--APP點子

I want her to keep her tastes and would like to see other magical women.

Best wishes for her success.

-Produced by slowtime design Inc.

We provide “mattari” for the world.

【免費個人化App】morisu maki -portfolio--APP點子

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