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mySecureBrowser - strong authentication web browser

★★★Please note that this is technology demo only. Go to menu -> demo to see it in action in typical scenario (user certificate generated in mySecurePhone application is required) ★★★

Access secured internet/intranet resources requiring strong client authentication. Your corporate resources requiring two way ssl/tls session authorisation (client-server, server-client) can be accessed from mySecureBrowser.

In addition to usual basic and forms login, mySecureBrowser supports X.509 certificate based client authentication.

It enables strongly-authenticated mobile agents to access corporate data in secure and convinient way, from anywhere. Strong user authentication can be easily enabled for existing web applications.

★★★ SECURITY: ★★★

• basic/forms/X.509 certificate based client authentication

• based on Public Key Infrastructure

【免費通訊App】my Secure Browser DEMO-APP點子

• Asymmetric Crypthography: RSA 1024 and 2048 bits

• Encryption algorithms: AES-128, 192 and 256

• pin based user certficicate access authentication

• Support for SSL/TLS Protocol

★★★ mySecure Browser is a member of mySecure Phone platform ★★★

After installation of mySecure Browser you will be prompted to install additional free app - mySecure Phone ( It provides an easy way to manage your secure apps, contacts, crypto keys and certificates (PKI).

【免費通訊App】my Secure Browser DEMO-APP點子

mySecure Phone platform offers several apps protecting your mobile communication: mySecure Mail (

my Secure Mail Exchange Edition (

mySecure SMS (

mySecure Voice (

Use them all to ensure your mobile communication is safe.

★★★ Hardware Secure Element support ★★★

【免費通訊App】my Secure Browser DEMO-APP點子

mySecure Phone platform supports storing user credentials on external hardware security module (microSD, SIM card), providing ultimate credentials security. For more information contact

★★★ Technical support ★★★

If you have any questions or problems, please contact us by mail:

【免費通訊App】my Secure Browser DEMO-APP點子

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