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This App is not Pass Maker!

After download Pass file using other route like, launch our myPassbook app.

Then you will feel that our myPassbook app is great!

Your rating(★☆☆☆☆) make me Sad.

★☆ Passbook for Android ☆★

Let's meet Passbook in Android

myPassbook is more POWERFUL then iPhone's Passbook Application!


▶myPassbook Features

① Support all Functions of iPhone's Passbook Application

② Support all Types of Passes (StoreCard, Ticket, Coupon, BoardingPass, Generic)

③ Automatically Categorize Pass by Type

④ Automatic Pass Updates


⑤ Provide Optimized Screen for all Android Phone

▶How to Add Pass to myPassbook for Android

① Install myPassbook App in your Phone

② Go to the URL for downloading Pass file. Download will Start Automatically!

④ When Download Completes, Run myPassbook App! That's All!


▶Let's Download Pass via e-mail, URL, QR-Code


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