myShout Café

【免費生活App】myShout Café-APP點子

myShout Café makes your trip to get coffee for friends, colleagues and clients hassle free. It’s fast and easy. Try it now.

myShout Café is all about speed and efficiency which is why it is fully styled the way you like it. Easily create a shout and add any contact to it. Add a beverage or two and you are done. Best of all, only enter the person in once and myShout Café will remember exactly how they like their coffee.

【免費生活App】myShout Café-APP點子

myShout Café is ideal for use with friends, colleagues, clients and even your boss.


- Metro style tile interface, large and easy to use

【免費生活App】myShout Café-APP點子

- Fast access ‘pin to start’ of ‘New shout’

- Wide range of coffee beverage options

- Remember previous coffee preferences

- Integrated access to contact list

【免費生活App】myShout Café-APP點子

- Location services support with directions to local café spots

New in version 1.2:

- Pin places to start menu

【免費生活App】myShout Café-APP點子

- Place distance measuring

- Extended place discovery

- Beverage ordering display

- Invite people to a shout

【免費生活App】myShout Café-APP點子

- Delete people from a shout

New in version 1.1:

- Find a person interface easier to use

【免費生活App】myShout Café-APP點子

- Extended place discovery

【免費生活App】myShout Café-APP點子

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