mySmoklog is an app for Windows Phone 7 that will help you to monitor your smoking patterns and help you to quit smoking. mySmoklog provides 3 main program modes, Smoke Free, D-Day and Monitor mode.

Smoke Free mode is for smokers who want to quit smoking immediately. Using Smoke Free mode, you can monitor the status of your smoke free progress, how much you have saved by quitting smoking, how long have you been smoke free, etc.


D-Day mode is for smokers who want to quit smoking but need some time before they can quit smoking. You can set your D-Day as a target date for when you start to quit smoking. You will be able to monitor how many days left until the D-Day.


Monitoring mode is for smokers who just want to track their smoking patterns on daily basis. Just touch smoke button on the status page every time you smoke, mySmoklog will update your smoking patterns data.

mySmoklog also provides some useful tools for smokers such as smoking status, targets, wish list, etc.




- 3 program modes

- Record smoking reasons

- D-day counter


- Smoking logs

- Targets

- Wish List


- and more


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