n-Track Studio Pro Multitrack

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n-Track Studio is the most versatile audio and MIDI multitrack recorder that turns all your Android, iOS, Windows and Mac devices into full-fledged music recording studios. Record and playback a virtually unlimited number of tracks, mix them during playback and add effects. Create MIDI tracks using the built-in General MIDI synth. Edit, cut, copy and paste, zoom and drag MIDI and audio parts. At any time you can transfer your recordings to other desktop or mobile devices.

”Great app for being able to quickly lay down an idea or work out an arrangement. Like having a studio in your pocket…”-Terry Murphy, USA

How it works

• Record a base track (i.e. rhythm guitar) with the built-in mic (activate the metronome if you need it)

• Plug a standard headphone, record a solo or vocal track while listening to the rhythm track

【免費音樂App】n-Track Studio Pro Multitrack-APP點子

• Playback the multitrack recording, use the mixer to adjust levels, pan, apply EQ etc.

• Email the recording directly from your device

Main features

• Record/playback unlimited tracks (the max number of tracks depends only on the device capabilities)

【免費音樂App】n-Track Studio Pro Multitrack-APP點子

• Edit your tracks non-destructively with a variety of editing tools

• Use USB Audio devices *

• Automate track volumes or panning using volume/pan envelopes

【免費音樂App】n-Track Studio Pro Multitrack-APP點子

• Add effects: Reverb, Echo, Chorus+Flanger, Tremolo, Pitch Shifter, Phaser, Tube-Amp and Compression effects can be added to any track and master channel

• Route your signal to any number of Groups or Aux channels

• Record MIDI tracks with built-in General MIDI synth

【免費音樂App】n-Track Studio Pro Multitrack-APP點子

• Edit MIDI with the piano-roll editor

• Quantize your MIDI data to a variety of grid settings

• Play using an external USB MIDI keyboard

【免費音樂App】n-Track Studio Pro Multitrack-APP點子

• Stay on time with the built-in Metronome

• Record 4 or more input channels (on compatible USB Audio devices)

• Record in 24 bit quality (on compatible 24 bit USB Audio devices, built-in Android audio is 16 bits) *

【免費音樂App】n-Track Studio Pro Multitrack-APP點子

• Apply EQ with Spectrum analyser, Sonogram and Tuner

• Import existing songs and clips in a variety of formats (WAV, AIFF, MP3 or MIDI files)

• Continue working on your projects on other platforms: n-Track is available for Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Unlike competing products such as Audio Evolution, n-Track lets you transfer your work to any desktop or mobile device by saving your project in multitrack .sng format

【免費音樂App】n-Track Studio Pro Multitrack-APP點子

• Mixdown: You can export your song in standard (WAV, AIFF) or compressed format

• Share: You can send your work with a touch of the finger using email or other sharing platforms (such as Dropbox or Soundcloud) that you may have installed on your device

(*) USB Audio is available on compatible Android and USB devices. Please see the USB compatibility chart: http://goo.gl/R7l3Yb

Notes on audio latency

【免費音樂App】n-Track Studio Pro Multitrack-APP點子

• latency for audio monitoring (i.e. hearing through headphones the n-Track's audio output as well as the instrument input) & live processing is low on Android 4.2 and later and on devices which support audio fast-path (including all Nexus devices)

• with all other devices audio has very high latency, so input monitoring & live processing isn't practical, you should use an external mixer instead

• when using USB Audio* the audio latency can be made so low to be unhearable, much lower than with the Android built-in audio

【免費音樂App】n-Track Studio Pro Multitrack-APP點子

Audio latency never affects the sync of recorded tracks, may only be a problem for input monitoring & live input processing

n-Track for Android online manual http://ntrack.com/android-multitrack-studio-manual.php

If you are having problems with the app or want to send us your comments contact us at http://ntrack.com/support

【免費音樂App】n-Track Studio Pro Multitrack-APP點子

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