palmEM: Emergency Medicine

【免費醫療App】palmEM: Emergency Medicine-APP點子

"palmEM is an excellent, rapid point-of-care reference perfectly designed for the time crunch of the emergency department."

Why buy an already outdated paper pocket reference that will become wrinkled, stained, misplaced and forgotten? For a fraction of the cost of even a basic printed guide, you'll never have to buy another quick reference. And you'll always be up-to-date.

palmEM is an all-in-one, rapid and succinct, evidence based emergency medicine quick reference. Internal medicine, critical care, family practice and urgent care clinicians will also find palmEM useful. The app is continually updated and expanded. Unlike several other references, updates are free and there are no yearly subscription fees.


"Doc APProvED: The relentless search for an emergency medicine app that does it all will inevitably lead to palmEM...a great quick reference for the price."

【免費醫療App】palmEM: Emergency Medicine-APP點子

—Emergency Medicine News

"There is so much in here I don’t know where to begin. The app really seems to cover everything...Could I enthuse about this any more???"


"I was paying hundreds of dollars a year for [another app] but I’ve dumped that now. PalmEM is cheaper, prettier, faster and it’s calculators are easier to use in a hurry."


【免費醫療App】palmEM: Emergency Medicine-APP點子

"Its succinct design works well with either the iPhone or iPad, and because it is a universal app, users needn’t be torn choosing between either well-optimized versions."



✔ ABG Interpretation


【免費醫療App】palmEM: Emergency Medicine-APP點子

✔ Acute Limb Ischemia

✔ Acute Kidney Injury

✔ Acute Angle Closure Glaucoma

✔ Adrenal Insufficiency

✔ Airway & RSI

✔ Anaphylaxis

✔ Angioedema

【免費醫療App】palmEM: Emergency Medicine-APP點子

✔ Antidotes

✔ Aortic Dissection

✔ APAP Overdose

✔ Appendicitis

✔ Asthma

✔ Blood Products

✔ Bowel Obstructions

【免費醫療App】palmEM: Emergency Medicine-APP點子

✔ Brugada Syndrome

✔ Burns

✔ Cancer Emergencies

✔ Carbon Monoxide

✔ Coagulopathic Bleeding

✔ Common Derm Problems


【免費醫療App】palmEM: Emergency Medicine-APP點子

✔ CSF Studies

✔ CVA: BP Management, Stroke Scale, tPA

✔ DKA, Diabetes Insipidus, Diabetic Oral Meds

✔ Diarrhea

✔ Diverticulitis

✔ Dermatomes, Myotomes, Reflexes


【免費醫療App】palmEM: Emergency Medicine-APP點子

✔ Ectopic Pregnancy

✔ Electrical Injuries

✔ Electrolyte Derangements

✔ Elevated ICP

✔ Endocarditis/Duke Criteria

✔ Esophageal Foreign Bodies

✔ Gallbladder disease

【免費醫療App】palmEM: Emergency Medicine-APP點子


✔ GI Bleeding

✔ Headache

✔ Heart Failure

✔ Heat Stroke

✔ Hemophilia

✔ Hepatitis

【免費醫療App】palmEM: Emergency Medicine-APP點子

✔ Hernias

✔ HTN Emergency

✔ Hypothermia & Frostbite


✔ Kanavel's Signs

✔ Kidney Stones

✔ Local Anesthesia

【免費醫療App】palmEM: Emergency Medicine-APP點子

✔ Low Back Pain

✔ MI Complications

✔ Murmurs

✔ Myasthenia Gravis

✔ Myxedema Coma & Thyroid Storm

✔ Neonatal MISFITS

✔ Neutropenic Fever

【免費醫療App】palmEM: Emergency Medicine-APP點子

✔ Pancreatitis

✔ Pericarditis


✔ Pressors

✔ Procedural Sedation

✔ Prostatitis

✔ PE Rules and tPA Indications

【免費醫療App】palmEM: Emergency Medicine-APP點子

✔ RhoGAM


✔ Seizure

✔ Sensory Levels & Strength Testing

✔ Sepsis

✔ Serotonin Syndrome

✔ Shoulder Dystocia

【免費醫療App】palmEM: Emergency Medicine-APP點子

✔ Spinal Cord Injuries

✔ Splints

✔ Spontaneous Ab

✔ START Triage


✔ Stroke Syndromes

✔ Suicide Risk Assessment

【免費醫療App】palmEM: Emergency Medicine-APP點子

✔ Sutures

✔ Synovial Fluid

✔ Teeth Numbering

✔ Trauma

✔ Ultrasound

✔ Unknown Rash Algorithm

✔ UTI and Pyelonephritis

【免費醫療App】palmEM: Emergency Medicine-APP點子

✔ Weber Classification

✔ Wolf-Parkinson-White

Clinical Decision Rules:

✔ Appendicitis Score

✔ Centor Criteria

✔ Croup Scoring

【免費醫療App】palmEM: Emergency Medicine-APP點子

✔ C-Spine Rules

✔ Well's DVT Score

✔ Head CT Rules

✔ Ottawa Ankle, Foot, and Knee Rules

✔ Pittsburgh Knee Rules

✔ Pneumonia Scores

✔ Pulmonary Embolism Rules

【免費醫療App】palmEM: Emergency Medicine-APP點子

✔ San Francisco Syncope

✔ Sgarbossa Criteria

✔ TIMI Score


✔ Chest Tube Placement

✔ Cricothyrotomy

✔ Diagnostic Peritoneal Lavage

✔ Lateral Canthotomy

【免費醫療App】palmEM: Emergency Medicine-APP點子

✔ Resuscitative Thoracotomy

✔ Transvenous Pacing


✔ Weight-based medication/equipment reference

✔ Abdominal Pain

✔ Croup

✔ Crying Infant

✔ Diarrhea

【免費醫療App】palmEM: Emergency Medicine-APP點子

✔ EKG Reference

✔ Febrile Seizures

✔ Fever Workup


✔ Head CT Rules

✔ Kawasaki Disease

✔ Rashes

【免費醫療App】palmEM: Emergency Medicine-APP點子

✔ Rheumatic Fever

✔ Salter-Harris Fractures

✔ Septic Hip

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