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【免費商業App】pocket pOS Demo-APP點子

This is Demo version of the pocket pOS App. You can download this demo app to experience how convenient POS systems can be on your Android phone.

To subscribe for the full pocket pOS service, please visit http://ppos.kratos-digital.com

pocket pOS is an easy-to-use portable point-of-sales system. pocket pOS includes the following items:

(1) pocket pOS Android App

(2) Web base database and administration system

All Essential Elements in a Single Package:

(1) Retail System

(2) Stocking System

(3) Point of Sales System

(4) Reporting System for Accounting


(1) Cost Saving:

- You don’t have to invest on special purpose equipment or barcode scanning devices, pocket pOS works on your existing Android smart phones or tablets and your existing personal computer or Macbooks.

(2) Convenience:

- Install “pocket pOS” on your Android device, then use the built-in camera to scan your product QR Code. With few more clicks and you can say goodbye to the cumbersome procedures of hand writing sales records on notebooks or manual data entry on Excel files.

(3) Portability:

-With its online database, bringing your POS system to mobile road shows or even exhibitions in foreign countries is now as simple as bringing along your Android smart phones. Administrators can even remotely monitor sales figures of sales spots in road shows or expos.

(4) User Friendliness

-pocket pOS has very straight forward and simple user interface and involves very intuitive work flow. These allow you and your staff to concentrate on your sales business rather than fighting with complicated POS systems


Managing New Product Items on your Smartphone:

(1) Create new product entry on inventory database

(2) Record stock quantity

(3) Record buy-in price

(4) Preset retail price

(5) Automatic date & time log on new product QR Code scanning

Sales & Stock Monitoring:

【免費商業App】pocket pOS Demo-APP點子

(1) Monitoring real time sales & stock activities remotely via standard web browser (by date, staff ID, product ID, etc.)

Monitoring Sales Figures:

(1) Download sales & stock records as Excel files for filing and sales analysis (including activity date, time, staff ID etc.)

(2) Use downloaded record file for profit analysis & accounting

(3) Inventory check

Staff Management

(1)Create/Modify/Delete staff accounts


Administrator Managed User Accounts:

(1) Log in with assigned user account (Also supports multiple device login)

Product Sales Support:

(1) Seamlessly update online inventory database in real time when products sold

(2) Supports discount offers

(3) Automatic date & time log on product sold

Inventory Management:

(1) Re-stocking products via QR code scanning

(2) Update re-stocking quantity

(3) Automatic date & time log on re-stocking

"pocket pOS" 系統善用你的智能手機 (Android) 及個人/手提電腦作生財工具。集多項功能於一身:






(1)善用你的智能手機 (Android) 及個人/手提電腦作生財工具。無需購置單一功能的專業硬件及 barcode 掃瞄器材

(2)利用手機上的 pocket pOS QRcode 掃瞄 App,對預設貨品QRcode “嘟一嘟”及簡單數字輸入, pocket pOS就可輕鬆取代傳統手寫買賣記錄方法和Excel數據輸入方法, 記錄零售, 存倉, 進銷存數據, 利用記錄數據用作會計統計分析





(1)本港小型零售店 (百利商場; 潮流特區…)





【免費商業App】pocket pOS Demo-APP點子




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