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powerOne® combines 14 popular conversion calculators plus a full-featured calculator. Calculate fast, keep a history and share with others.

powerOne calculators have been:

● "The créme de la créme of calculators" - AppAdvice

● "Incredibly powerful tool for calculations of all kinds." - Smokin' Apps

● "You need this calculator. It's miles better than the competition." - Robert Burns

● "…sets the benchmark for other calculators to reach." - Fred Swan

● "Not sure how I could do my job without powerOne." - Arvid Martin

● "A legend. The best financial calculator app I have ever seen." - Worldwide Tech

● "… powerOne shines." - Mac Observer


Conversions, both US and metric, have never been faster. Fourteen templates with hundreds of calculations covers areas, lengths, mass, volumes, currencies (with auto updated data), dates, energies, forces, fuel efficiencies, interest, powers, pressures, temperatures and velocities.

And for those one-off calculations use powerOne's elegant algebraic and RPN calculator. Perform calculations in either decimal, scientific, engineering, fraction or feet-inch format with functions that include powers, logs, trig and more.


Whether colleague or client, powerOne makes it easy to share the results. Just choose who to send it to and the results are in the mail.


After 13 years and more than 15 million software calculators distributed, Infinity Softworks has earned its reputation for high quality apps. We'd love to hear from you, whether ideas, help or problems, at help@infinitysw.com.


This version of powerOne includes…

* Calculator templates:

- Area Conversions

- Currency Conversions with auto updated data

【免費旅遊App】powerOne Conversion Calculator-APP點子

- Date Conversions

- Energy Conversions

- Force Conversions

- Fuel Efficiency

- Interest Conversions

- Length Conversions

- Mass Conversions

- Power Conversions

- Pressure Conversions

- Temperature Conversions

- Velocity Conversions

- Volume Conversions

* Full-featured algebraic and RPN calculator

【免費旅遊App】powerOne Conversion Calculator-APP點子

* Perform decimal, scientific, engineering, fraction or feet-inch math with hundreds of functions

* Share results by simply entering a recipient

【免費旅遊App】powerOne Conversion Calculator-APP點子

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