On a nice get together occassion 4 friends are drinking and chit chatting....

Ji: Hey guys.. you know i can drink two pegs and drive my bike at 120.

Jin: Shut up.. that's nothing i can have a whole quarter and do wheeling in my bike.

Jing: Haha.. that's it? everytime i go for my viva exam, i gulp one full..

Jong: Oh is it??? I have something which can tell, who is telling truth and who is boasting..

That something is nothing but just a click on ppinng!Cop, a mobile application which will test you and tell your DRUNK STATUS or CAUTIOUSNESS.

Just you have to walk on a straight line for few seconds holding the phone in your hand and here it is........ results are out whether you are fine or kicking or drunk or in other world.

Technically ppinng!Cop is a blend of linear motion sensor, force of gravity all combined in one single App to make it a fun based reality check. Not only fun but it can be an alert also to whether you are fit to go for things like driving.

Q What does the Cop mean here? Is it related to some security?


A Yep! It is for your security. With Cop what it means here is an Examiner. It will keep an eagle eye on you and suggest whether you are fit to do the work which requires stability. You can do this test on your buddies and save them from tragedy.

Q. How to use ppinng!cop ?

A. Very simple. You have to

1> hold the phone in landscape mode.

2> Press start button.

3> Walk in a straight line for few seconds(till the bottle gets empty).

4> Get the result and boast.

Q What are the usability of ppinng!cop ?

A Its a fun App and you can test your capacity of boozing. Children can play with this app to check how steadily they are walking. Not only this ppinng!cop is a very handy app for traffic police also who struggle to catch drunkyards.


For more information Kindly contact us at wp.support@ppinngapps.com.


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