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【免費音樂App】rara - a world of music-APP點子

With rara there is a world of music to discover, search and play.

Stream your favourite songs from our catalogue of over 22 million tracks, or sit back and enjoy our hundreds of hand curated music channels and personalised musical recommendations, all at your finger-tips.

Our beautiful, new Android app has been tailored to allow users fast and seamless navigation. rara allows users to enjoy the music they feel like listening to, without having to know the name of every track.


• Enjoy unlimited, uninterrupted ad-free music streaming

• Access the latest new songs and albums, the day they’re released

• Enjoy music recommendations, based on your play history

• Access your music on the move, even when you are offline

【免費音樂App】rara - a world of music-APP點子

• High quality audio: let your ears enjoy the music

• No waiting time: with a touch of magic, rara always has the next song ready to play

• Access rara on up to 3 of your other devices

• Sign in using Facebook or your email.

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Sign up now at www.rara.com to get rara on the web and on your Android device.

If you are an existing web only rara.com subscriber, you can upgrade your account to enable mobile access by:

【免費音樂App】rara - a world of music-APP點子

1. Go to www.rara.com from your desktop or laptop using a web browser.

2. Sign into your account using your email and password for rara.com.

3. Click on your email address.

4. Click on My Account.

【免費音樂App】rara - a world of music-APP點子

5. Upgrade your subscription through Membership Options.

After an upgrade, you will be required to sign in while your device is connected to the internet.

To find out more visit www.rara.com

We would love to hear your feedback to improve our service in the comments below and at our forum http://forum.rara.com/rara

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【免費音樂App】rara - a world of music-APP點子

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