sTutor - GRE Vocab Lite

【免費教育App】sTutor - GRE Vocab Lite-APP點子

sTutor presents the most comprehensive, feature rich and carefully researched GRE Vocab app on Android market. It uses an optimized form of Super Memo's spaced repetition concept to create an algorithm that repeats the least known and difficult words so that more emphasis is put on these words.

Some of sTutor GRE Vocab's salient features are:

- Supported on Phones and Tablets

【免費教育App】sTutor - GRE Vocab Lite-APP點子

- 250 words along with tagged most frequent words (5000 GRE words in Pro version)

- Deck concept that helps you study in a phased manner (1 deck in Lite vs. 20 decks in Pro)

【免費教育App】sTutor - GRE Vocab Lite-APP點子

- Filtering and customizations to suit individual needs and learning style

- Adaptive and Alphabetical study modes

【免費教育App】sTutor - GRE Vocab Lite-APP點子

- Fixed Time and Fixed Count test

- Audio book mode

【免費教育App】sTutor - GRE Vocab Lite-APP點子

- Images from Google and word details from for enhanced learning

- Progress stats for Study and Test

【免費教育App】sTutor - GRE Vocab Lite-APP點子

- 4 levels to track your knowledge

- Tag words so that you can revisit them later

sTutor GRE Vocab is based on extensive research in human-learning patterns and behavior. It has been designed and developed by investing 1000s of hours. To help you plan your GRE preparation, we have arranged 5000 words into 20 uniform decks (In Pro version) so that you can pick and choose your study material. Each word is presented in a 'Flash card' format which can be customized based on your preferences. You can mark each word based on ‘how well you know the word’ by using copyrighted knowledge levels of 'Barely', 'Fairly', 'Nearly' and 'Surely' in an increasing order. Our algorithm repeats the least known and difficult words more than the easier ones so that you do not waste your time on the words you already know. Audio book mode allows learning during long drives, boring college lectures or waiting for a date etc. You can test your knowledge by taking our adaptive quiz in using fixed timer or the fixed count. You can quickly go through all the words using Browse and assign knowledge levels. Search for a particular word using our Lookup option from our dictionary or using internet. For better memory retention, you can get Google Images and additional details from for a given word. Progress gives you a snapshot summary and lets you set GRE target completion date to track against.

- Please visit us at to see feature details, user examples, get support and new feature suggestions.

- As you know, new models of Android phones are released frequently, we test sTutor GRE Vocab app on some models including Samsung Galaxy Tab, HTC Desire, HTC Nexus, HTC Legend and Samsung Galaxy S etc. We do see users using this successfully on variety of models.

- If you face any issue in using sTutor GRE Vocab, please contact us at before a negative rating our app. Our developers will promptly work with you to resolve your problem.

- If you like our sTutor GRE Vocab, please support with a positive rating (we will appreciate a 5 star rating), spread the word through social media and by informing friends and family. We have provided feedback menu to make it easier.

【免費教育App】sTutor - GRE Vocab Lite-APP點子

- We will appreciate new feature suggestions and corrections on words using “Send Corrections” on Study tab.

- The sTutor GRE Vocab Lite version is ad supported (please visit our sponsors by clicking ads) or encourage development of new features and apps by buying our Pro version for true meaning of a “Smart” phone.

【免費教育App】sTutor - GRE Vocab Lite-APP點子

Pro version key will provide access to these additional 19 decks with a total of 5000 words rather than 1 deck of 250.

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