sex diary!

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Sex diary is a type of gravity sensor,proximity sensor, accelerometer and microphone which makes use of Apple devices to record the number of movements, strength, frequency, duration and voice in the process of making love. After this information is quantized and analyzed, the index of your sexual life can be displayed as figures vividly. Sex is human’s most original desire, and the level of the index of sexual life is an important parameter to measure the quality of life. A moderate sexual life is helpful to beautify the features and lose weight, relieve the pressure, make a harmonious family and slow down aging. What we need to do is just put iPhone on the bed or grasp in the hand or on the body so as to record the data during the process of making love.

Do you know how many times you make love every year? Do you know the number of movements you have while making love? And do you know the index of your sexual life?

Functions and characteristics:

★Simple and easy to use, just press the screen gently, and all the information can be recorded.

【免費娛樂App】sex diary!-APP點子

★The function of encryption can better help you protect your privacy.

★The function of recording can record all the details during the process of making love.

★The function of analysis can better help you know about your status of making love.


【免費娛樂App】sex diary!-APP點子

★Start the procedures, put iPhone on the bed or grasp in the hand or on the body while making love, click 【start】, and then it starts to record, click 【End】, and then it finishes records for making love.

★For pause, click 【pause】, the recording will not be broken off, just click 【continue】later on.

★Scan diary, click 【Scan diary】 and input the password (it is required to set the password for the first time), and then all the recording can be scanned, including SoundRec playback. Of course, you can delete the diary here as well.

★Analysis of sexual pleasure, click 【Analysis of sexual pleasure】, and then you can check the relevant numerical values, including the index of sexual life analyzed in the system.


【免費娛樂App】sex diary!-APP點子

No advertisement contained in this App, your first time purchasing can enjoy lifelong upgrading for free.

【免費娛樂App】sex diary!-APP點子

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