slymsense 12hr UCCW skin

【免費個人化App】slymsense 12hr UCCW skin-APP點子

Please make sure you Download/use uccw v2.1.2 or above before using this skin,Download available at

slymsense 12 hour mode version

【免費個人化App】slymsense 12hr UCCW skin-APP點子

adding skin/ theme to homescreen:

1) Add a widget the way you normally do and choose UCCW widget 4x1 or 5x1 (scale as full width for best result).

2) Pick slymsense 12hr skin from the list.3) Touch the hand icon when it appears and wait for a few seconds.

to set weather.

open main uccw from app drawer and press menu,settings then set location and desired settings.

3dots on left of widget will update weather when location has been set.

免費玩slymsense 12hr UCCW skin APP玩免費

免費玩slymsense 12hr UCCW skin App

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