ALL information about SUNRISE and SUNSET is shown very easy to realize. Along the day the sun goes around the shown face of a clock. During the night hours the sun is covered - so the sun can be seen only from sunrise time to sunset time.

*** NEW *** Time of sunrise and sunset is shown on the tile when pinning it to the start screen! Very nice feature :-)

The hands of the clock are showing the current time on a 12 hour scale. The sun is going on a 24 h scale with its culmination at the 12:00 position. The hours from sunrise to culmination are shown on the left side, culmination to sunset on the right side.

In addition to the current sunrise / sunset there are markers for the earliest sunrise and latest sunrise in the year at the geographic location defined in the settings. Likewise for sunset.


The inner area of the face is showing the moon details. Moonrise time, moonset time and the phase of the moon where shown.

The most interesting time values are shown on the face - additional values can be found on the values page. Negative values indicate, that it´s in the future (e.g.: -7:30 for time to sunset means, that sunset will happen in 7 and a half hours).

The settings page shows the date (default today) and the geographic location. If location services are turned on, the current location of the phone is used automatically. These values can be overwritten at any time - the face is updated immediatly.

I hope, this clock can enrich your experience regarding the cycles of the sun and the moon! I´m happy about any feedback - don´t hesitate to send me an email :-)


Privacy policy: Prior to using your location information, a dialog box will popup asking you whether the application is allowed to access your information. If you select “OK”, the application will USE YOUR LOCATION INFORMATION, but never stores location information on any other computer system. If you select “Cancel”, the application will NOT USE YOUR LOCATION.

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