the HighRoad to Happiness

【免費生活App】the HighRoad to Happiness-APP點子

The HighRoad to Happiness = the Inspiration App =

"Life isn't measured by the number of breaths you take,

but by the moments that take our breath away..."

* 50+ inspiring stories and videos

* 6 different kind of insight cards to kickoff the day

* Compliment cards to send to (whoever you want)

* Food for the Soul (daily inspiration)

* Moodify (know your mood to know your thoughts)

* Meditations (to relax and get rid of the burden)

* and some more things to create a smile on your face :-)


【免費生活App】the HighRoad to Happiness-APP點子

Don’t have the time, money or.... to see a coach?

Well, we bring the professional coaching tools to you for less than a cup of coffee.

We picked the best exercises that regular coaching programs offer. And we know our stuff because we are professional coaches.

We didn't want to offer something regular; we wanted to bring something completely new.

That's why we created a new coaching model based on the unique metaphor of our Senses. Can you imagine?

The steps to happiness described by "Taste, Smell, Touch, Vision and Hearing"? We couldn't either, but just did it.


50% of the revenue will be donated to charity. In the app you can vote for your favorite one and the donation will be based on your votes. Like this deal? Well, we do!

"Giving our self a regular, healthy dose of inspiration is one of the most

powerful ways to live an inspired life. The HighRoad to Happiness is a

great tool to do just that!"

【免費生活App】the HighRoad to Happiness-APP點子

- John P. Strelecky, #1 Bestselling author of The Big Five for Life, and

The Why Cafe -

【免費生活App】the HighRoad to Happiness-APP點子

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