trainANDtrack! Lite

【免費健康App】trainANDtrack! Lite-APP點子

trainANDtrack! is a training and tracking application for your outdoor activities.

The main features and functionalities are:

- Live Tracking Service: Let your contacts know where you are and show your current GPS position live on

- Upload your Tracks to Quick and easy synchronization of your phone GPS tracks with Download the latest tracks from directly to your mobile phone

- Race Against Yourself. Beat your besttime!

- Visualize your tracks on Google Maps by using GPS

- Use waypoints to mark points of interest on the map

- Emergency SMS button to send an emergency SMS with your current location to a person who is within reach and can help

- Safe your statistics like time, distance, calories, speed, elevation and more

- trainANDtrack! shows you the way to go on google maps, by using the available digital compass

- Train your tracks again und compare your time and statistic-data directly on the smartphone

- Analyze and compare your training results by using the included diagrams, which characterize the track profile and your training progress

- Elevation profile, speed-, distance/time- and time development diagrams

【免費健康App】trainANDtrack! Lite-APP點子

【免費健康App】trainANDtrack! Lite-APP點子

- Import and export tracks in the standard GPX-format

【免費健康App】trainANDtrack! Lite-APP點子

- Share tracks with friends and send your best training results to your friends or upload them to, to let them compete against them

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