You can transfer your saved playlists from the trial version to this version by doing a "backup" in the first one and a "restore" in the second one.


With uListen you can finally start “Listening” to YouTube videos on your Android Device.

uListen is an unofficial YouTube player, that lets you stream audio out of YouTube videos allowing you to save precious bandwidth and reach faster buffering times.


- Search YouTube videos and public playlists.

- Stream and play tracks in background.

- Add an unlimited number of videos and YouTube playlists to your favorites.

- Quick access status bar notification.

- Open videos in uListen from YouTube's app share menu.

- No Ads!

New Features:

- Create and edit unlimited Local playlists.

- Light/Dark themes available.

- High/Low quality streaming toggle.

- Sleep timer.

- Backup/Restore saved playlists to external storage.

- You can now share videos, YouTube and Local playlists with your friends and followers. This will generate custom URLs that can be used by everybody to open the shared resource in uListen.

- Translation into other languages is now possible. To check if your language is supported, or if you wish to contribute, visit the following page:



- This application was not exhaustively tested on every single video found on YouTube. Errors and playback problems might occur. If you feel helping, send us an email describing your issue and/or pointing your faulty video, so we can try to sort it out.

- If you feel that this application is infringing any of your copyrights, please contact us.

- Change log:









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